House Rules

  • Please keep windows and sliding glass doors closed when using heat or A/C. Some units are equipped with sensors which will shut down the system.
  • No children in the exercise room or pool area without adult supervision
  • No glass or bottles in the pool area – We provide plastic wine glasses, iced tea glasses and other plastic-ware for your use.
  • Please do not hang towels on the pool fence – You may use the deck railing or the planter hooks.
  • Please add water to the pool when level is lower than 1/2 at skimmer
  • Please remove all floats and toys from the pool daily
  • Please check and empty filter on the washer and dryer after each use
  • Do not use bleach when washing towels or bed linens
  • Thermostat switches should be in the auto and cold/hot
  • Please do not set the thermostat temperature below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It may cause the air conditioning system to freeze and shut down.
  • Please do not move equipment from exercise area
  • Please unplug exercise equipment after use
  • Please return the cover to the pool table when it is not in use
  • After use of the Karaoke Machine, please place CD’s back in the folders

Upon Departure

  • Please put all sheets & towels in laundry room downstairs
  • Wash & dry all towels please
  • Please put all trash in plastic bags on back porch (Carport area)
  • If you are having a wedding, family reunion, party, there will be an up-charge for cleaning and removing trash
  • Please leave house in same condition you found it
  • If house is not left in same condition there will be an additional fee!
  • Please load dishwasher & start it
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